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Fractionated/Liquid Coconut Oil

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  • Pure Liquid Coconut Oil Moisturizer - Natural Fractionated Coconut oil is a liquid oil that absorbs easily. It is a great body moisturizer and scalp oil. Use it as an overnight oil for hair and skin.
  • Coconut Body Oil for Dry Skin – Coconut oil is the best moisturizer for your dry body areas like elbows and heels. Apply this Liquid Coconut oil (MCT) as a moisturizer, and to prevent stretch marks.
  • Coconut Oil for Hair - Fractionated coconut oil for hair care is a perfect organic oil for your hair care routine. Regular use of pure coconut hair oil & coconut oil hair mask gives you healthy hair
  • Coconut Carrier Oil - Virgin Coconut oil (MCT Oil) is an odorless & stainless organic liquid oil. You can use our fractionated coconut oil for essential oil to maintain its natural scent and benefits.
  • Transparent Production – No chemical/heat is applied to the coconut oil production to make the best quality coconut oil. Check out our test reports showing superior test results for our coconut oil.