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Virgin Coconut Oil

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  • [My Personal pack] - No more hassles of melting frozen coconut oil or carrying a wide mouth bottle. Carry it in your travel bag, purse or keep it in your drawer. It’s a great moisturizer, hair and skin care.
  • [Smart Packaging] - The bottle is made of special polymer which ensures that it is microwaveable, spillage proof and easy to carry around. In case product freezes (below 25 degree Celsius) melt is by putting it in a microwave, or in hot water bath or under hot water tap.
  • [It’s Pure Oil] - 100% Natural, Cold pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil prepared by Triple centrifuge process which ensures that the rich aroma of raw coconut is preserved.
  • [Great Product] - Excellent natural moisturizer and good for dry skin. Gentle for massaging baby too.